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The provisions of the provisions of the lively classification on the third paragraph of the third paragraph are required to be carried out in the groups for the relevant group in groups to be reclassified in groups of the dull and live receivables between the subgroups of dull and live receivables.

The entire delayed payments that cause the 200 dollar loan to be classified in the dull group of delayed payments without being applied to collaterals.

As of the reclassification date, the last two payments before and excluding payments specified in (A) in me are made in the maturity of the last two payments and complete.

he credits obtained from the partially active or the bank of the bank in response to the borrowing loan cannot be classified as a vivid receivable.

Credits and other in order to be fulfilled by temporary liquidity boredom in order to be fulfilled in relation to loans and other receivables in terms of the classification principles of the classification principles. Receivables may be restructured or connected to a new redemption plan, provided that the procedures and principles determined in this article are complied with.

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